how to make lemon balm tea

Lemon balm tea ... coming right up!

Hot or iced, this refreshing tea will soothe your soul and keep you coming back for more!

Hot lemon balm tea in a glass mug

homemade lemon balm tea recipe

This recipe makes a one-cup (8 oz.) serving. For a larger quantity,  increase the amount of herb leaves and water proportionally.


  • Lemon Balm - 10 - 12 fresh lemon balm leaves (more or less, to taste), rinsed under cool water and patted dry

  • Water - 8 ounces, heated just to the boiling point

* Substitution:  Don't have fresh lemon balm on hand? This recipe can also be made with dried lemon balm. Use 1+ heaping teaspoon of lightly crumbled, dried leaves per cup (8 oz.) of water.

Freshly picked lemon balm sprigs and infuser teacupPreparing to Make Fresh Lemon Balm Tea

brewing instructions

While your tea water is heating ...

1. Cut or chop your lemon balm leaves into small-ish pieces.

This helps release the leaves' natural oils and lets water flow freely around every bit of the herb as it steeps. More oils in the water = more flavorful tea. :-)

Herb scissors make super-quick work of herb chopping, thanks to their multiple blades. Ordinary scissors or a kitchen knife will do the job, too.

2. Put lemon balm into your infuser.  

Be careful not to over-fill the infuser. About 3/4 full is good. It's best to leave a little room for your cut-up herb pieces to float around inside the infuser.    

Close the infuser, and place it into your cup.

3. Pour hot water in. Then cover, and let your ingredients work their magic.

After 8-10 minutes steeping time, your DIY lemon balm tea will be ready to enjoy!

quick & Easy lemon balm iced tea

When you're craving a tall, cool glass of lemon balm iced tea and there's none left in the fridge, what do you do?

Sooth your savage thirst in a flash with this quick and easy "instant chill" method!

* Note: This recipe makes an extra-strong brew. When poured over ice, your warm tea will dilute to perfect sipping strength. :-)

what you'll need

  • A clean, glass canning jar with screw-top lid

  • Newly harvested lemon balm leaves, rinsed under cool water to remove any dust and debris

  • Water, heated to near boiling

  • Sweetener of your choice (optional)

  • Ice cubes (lots of ice cubes!)

brewing method

1. Fill your canning jar with fresh lemon balm.

No need to spend time cutting/chopping the leaves. Just smoosh them a bit with your fingers to help release their lemony oils.

2. Add nearly boiling water to fill the jar about half-way.  

Then put the lid on, and let your tea steep for 10-12 minutes.  

*Note: Don't freak out when your lemon balm turns dark brown. That happens naturally as hot water breaks down the chlorophyll cells in the leaves.

3. When your tea has finished steeping, add lots of ice to the jar.

Then put the lid back on the jar, and ...

Shake! Shake!! Shake!!!

In 15 seconds (or less), your iced tea will be frosty-cold and ready to drink. :-) 

Pour it into your favorite glass, add more ice, and enjoy!


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