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7 great gifts 
for  diy herbal tea lovers

Hunting for the perfect gift for an herbal tea fan? Look no farther than one of these fabulous finds!

From cute and quirky tea infusers to handy tools for growing your own herbs, any these gifts are sure to "Wow!" the DIY herbal tea lover on your list! 

Best of all, each of these gifts is under $20 ...  

tea brewing gift ideas 

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Monkey tea infuser

Brewing herbal tea with my monkey infuser

 This adorable little infuser was a Christmas gift from my sister a few years back. I laughed out loud when I first saw him ... and to this day I always smile when he's hanging in my cup!

He's super-simple to use, too. Just pop tea herbs inside,  hang his little paw on the rim of a tea cup or mug, and pour in the hot water. The Dunkin' Monkey is  perfect for brewing a single serving of tea at home or at the office!

Click here for more about the Dunkin' Monkey

herb scissors & stem stripper set

Chopping lemon balm with herb scissors

These nifty scissors chop up a handful of fresh herbs in no time flat. No need to haul out the cutting board and knife. Simply hold fresh herbs over a tea pot or infuser basket, and snip, snip, snip. Easy peasy!

This gift set also includes a handy stem-stripping tool that takes all the time and effort out of separating herb leaves from their stems. Genius! 

Click here for more about the Herb Scissors & Stem Stripper Set

kati cup infuser system

Chamomile blossoms in KATI cup infuser

Looking for the perfect gift for your tea-lovin' boss, co-worker or friend who's always on the go? This KATI cup can't be beat! 

Made from high-quality porcelain, the cup and lid keep tea drinkably warm from home to office and beyond. The KATI fits nicely in most vehicles' cup-holders; and the lid prevents messy spills, too.

The cup comes in a variety of colors and designs, so there are plenty of choices to suit the gals and the guys on your Holiday shopping list. Oh, and I should mention ... this gift looks expensive - but it's not! 

Click here for more about the KATI Cup

TEAZE over-the-cup infuser

My Teaze, ready to brew rose fresh hips tea

This brewer is one of the coolest tea gifts I've ever received. (Yep, it's another of my sister's discoveries. Somehow, she always comes up with presents that are unique and  useful!)

To make a cup of tea in the Teaze: add fresh or dried herbs to the pot, pour in hot water, flip the lid closed, and let it brew. Five minutes later, set the pot atop a cup, and the tea flows through into the cup.  

This ingenious, fuss-free brewing system makes a great gift for any tea lover!

Click here for more about this Teaze Over-The-Cup Infuser

tea gardening gift ideas

herb saver

Anise Hyssop sprigs in my Herb Saver

Need an inexpensive item for a Secret Santa or grab bag gift?  Give an Herb Saver!  

With most storage methods, fresh herbs start to go droopy and lose their flavor in a few days. Using the Herb Saver, tea and cooking herbs stay just-picked yummy for up to two weeks. 

For herbal tea gardeners as well as at-home chefs, this is a "glad-to-have-it!"  gadget! 

Click here for more about this Herb Saver

garden bucket tool caddy

My bucket garden caddy with gardening tools

No more garden tools strewn around the garage or shed! With this handy tool tote, it's easy to store and carry everything a tea gardener needs for digging, weeding, planting and watering!

In addition to being a convenient way to corral a whole bunch of gardening stuff, these tool caddies are sturdy little devils, too. Mine was a Christmas gift from my hubby about 10 years ago. Although it doesn't look very pretty anymore, it's still serving me well!

Click for more about the Garden Bucket Tool Caddy

"straw bale gardening complete" Book

Citrus mint in my straw bale garden

Your eyes aren't deceiving you. That's citrus mint, growing in a bale of straw! 

Do you have someone on your list who'd like to start herbal tea gardening  without investing a lot of effort, space, or money?  Joel Karsten's wonderful book, Straw Bale Gardens Complete,  is a fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to an amazing new trend - growing edibles in straw bales. (And yes, it works!)

Click here for more about Straw Bale Gardens Complete

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