The beginners guide to
herbal tea gardening

Imagine having your favorite herbal teas right at your fingertips.

Calming chamomile, invigorating peppermint, lull-you-to-sleep lavender, and many more amazing flavors you've yet to discover ... fresh from your own herbal tea garden.

White tea pot cup surrounded by live lavender plants, beach rose blossoms and lemon balm herbHomegrown Lavender & Rose Petal Tea

Grow your own!

Herbal tea gardening is for you if ...

You love herbal tea.  You're like a kid in a candy store when you step into a gourmet tea shop. So many choices, you want to try them all!

Quality matters.  "Good" isn't good enough. Only the freshest, healthiest ingredients will do - grown naturally, without pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

Quiet time is important. With all the craziness going on in the world these days, you're looking for a fun way to relax and de-compress at home.

What could be better than getting back to nature ... and having your own stash of pure, delicious teas to enjoy all year round?!

Jars of freshly dried chamomile, rose petals, chocolate mint and other herbsPart of my homegrown tea "stash", ready for storage.

herb gardening for newbies

If you're brand new to herbal tea gardening, you're no doubt wondering:

  • Where can I plant my herbs?
  • Will they grow in containers?
  • Do my favorites grow well in my climate?
  • How much care will the plants need?

Rest assured, my friends. No matter where you live - from northern latitudes to the tropics, in a city condo or a suburban home - you can grow your own teas successfully with very little effort!

Handful of Bee Balm flowersA Bouquet of Bee Balm for My Signature "Bee-Licious" Tea

With DIY Herbal Tea's easy-to-follow instructions and lots of photos to guide you every step of the way, you'll be growing, harvesting, and brewing your own herbal teas before you know it!

want a little taste of what's on this site?

Here are just a few of DIY Herbal Tea's most popular pages:

So grab your gardening gloves, and dust off your favorite tea pot. It's time to grow your own herbal tea garden!!

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