The beginners guide to
herbal tea gardening

* Before you read on, be forewarned: Herbal tea gardening is addictive!  Once you've started growing your own teas, you'll never want to stop!

Herbal tea in the gardenHomegrown Lavender & Rose Petal Tea

Why DIY? 

Simply stated: It's good for you, inside and out! 

When you grow your own:     

  • You'll know exactly where your herbs came from and what they were fed. No chemical fertilizers lurking in your cuppa!

  • You'll harvest and preserve your herbs at their peak, with tender lovin' care. No worries about ground-up dirt, mold or bugs in your brew! 

  • You'll have total control over what goes into your teapot and what doesn't. No added oils or artificial flavorings that you might be allergic to! 

What teas can you grow? 

The best tea herbs are super-easy to grow. They aren't "space hogs", either.  So you can grow your herbs wherever you have a spare patch of dirt or room for a container or two.  

  • Plant a variety of exotic mints in a window box.

  • Grow sweet, fragrant lemon verbena on your deck.

  • Fill a spot in your garden with pretty flowering herbs.

Before you know it, you'll be harvesting and creating your own herbal teas!

Handful of Bee Balm flowersA Bouquet of Bee Balm for My Signature "Bee-Licious" Tea

Best of all ...

Green thumbs are optional.  ;-)

With easy-to-follow instructions and lots of photos to guide you every step of the way, DIY Herbal Tea makes growing your own herbal teas simple for even the brownest-thumbed newbie.

So grab your gardening gloves, and dust off your favorite tea pot. It's time to get growing DIY Herbal Tea!!

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